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Provide the finishing touch to
your outdoor setting
Model: Cushions S20 © Digital Render


Outdoor Living

Blinde Design’s optional cushions are designed to provide the finishing touch to your outdoor setting. Covered in high performance weather- and stain-resistant Sunbrella® fabric and filled with a highly durable foam that’s breathable and quick to dry, they’re the perfect solution for outdoor living.

There are two sizes to choose from, each in a choice of three neutral shades – the same as our chairs and modular sofas, enabling you to create a complementary or contrasting look.

Key Features

Supreme Comfort

Blinde Design cushions are filled with quick-dry, breathable foam – the perfect combination of softness and sophistication.


The durable foam is covered in high performance, weather-resistant Sunbrella® fabric, which is ideal for open-air environments and looks good year after year.

Optional Sizes

Available in two sizes – small and large – giving your further options to enhance your Blinde Design outdoor or indoor modular sofa, armchair or loveseat.

Earthy Colours

Choose from three natural hues to blend with or enhance your furniture colour scheme.

Quick Drying

The breathable and moisture-resistant Sunbrella® fabric dries quickly for added convenience and stops mold and mildew taking hold.

Design Element

Mix and match cushions in different sizes and/or colors to create visual interest.